Ride with style while staying on budget: Introducing Teverun Blade Mini Pro

Ride with style while staying on budget: Introducing Teverun Blade Mini Pro

When it comes to choosing an e-scooter, it's important to select a brand that offers the best combination of style, functionality, and reliability. Teverun is committed to providing top-of-the-line e-scooters that meet all of these criteria and more. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to our most affordable bad boy! 

A new champion in the 48 volt scooter world has emerged. Its sleek and modern design is sure to turn heads - the perfect way to ride in style and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re commuting to work or cruising around, this e-scooter is the perfect choice for you. Introducing Teverun's Blade Mini Pro.

Teverun Blade Mini Pro


This dual motor scooter with a 48 volt system, boasts a maximum speed of 35 mph and can cover a distance of over 20 miles on a single charge! See detailed specifications below: 

  • 500W x 2 Max Power
  • 55kph Max Speed
  • 9x3 Tubed Tires, Mechanical Disk Brakes and Spring Suspension
  • Battery capacity up to 60km max range 
  • Up to 120kg Max Load
  • Forge Aluminum Material

This mid-level performer is both attractive and enjoyable to ride! An excellent option for riders seeking greater performance than what single motor scooters offer, without having to move up to larger 60v+ alternatives!

Secure the innovative folding mechanism in the riding position, use the NFC electronic lock to unlock your scooter, and embark on your journey with the new Blade Mini Pro. We only use the highest-quality components in our e-scooters to ensure a smooth and reliable ride. 

From the powerful motor to the long-lasting battery, every component is designed with quality and durability in mind. Choosing Teverun leads you to an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Ride for miles without worrying about emission or fuel costs + help create a more sustainable future!

Teverun Blade Mini Pro specifications


Cop this champion on sale for ONLY PHP 45,000 with FLEXIBLE payment options such as:

  • Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer/Deposit
  • Billease Installment, TendoPay Installment
  • 0% Interest for 3 months via Alpha Direct Installments (6-12months)
  • Gcash, Paymaya, DragonPay
  • BDO Installment for up to 36 months
  • Low interest rate for Security Bank Installments

  • You can place your orders at www.alphalifestyle.ph or you can message us on our Official Facebook page and Viber Community for more details. You may also visit and test drive a unit at the following Alpha Lifestyle Store branches:

    • SM NORTH EDSA, The Annex Upper Ground Level
    • SM CITY TANZA, Second Level
    • NS Amoranto Branch

    At Alpha Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. From inquiry support to after purchase repairs, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our e-scooters. We have warranty, support programs and an embracing community in which you could interact with fellow Teverun users!

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